How "Cool" I am

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogger: A preface

So begins me blogging again. It was only 5 maybe 6 years ago. I was huddled in the basement of my parent's house blogging about my deppresing inquiries of the past days. Back when putting my text into crazy colors sometimes with a crazy background. I used to blog about love, my lack of love, my own accounts of things within the past days, or sometimes just random crap. But I guess thats what regular everyday people blog about anyway. Love, loss, and exsisting.
To preface this long line of blog posts to come I'd like to start by saying I don't really expact anyone to ever read this long line of posts. If this becomes a hotspot for the digital savy to read about my life than I say Hell Yea. If not well than this will be an awesome form of talking to myself in the digital world.
So to begin I would like to explain that the title of this blog is quite appropriate to how I am going to be using this blog. As it stands the entities I have a hand in are growing and if all goes to plan I will be involved in alot of other things including what I am doing presently. I'll be in the design world, the music world, the clothing world, the art world, and the revolutionary world. This blog will be a intermix of all these things. All these things have something within me and therefore they all deserve a place in this blog. So get ready for some crrrraaaazzzzzyyy posys and some not so crazy posts. Get ready for the look into my life. I will get ready as well to begin blogging as much as I can.
More posts will come. I will start reading posts and maybe, just maybe I'll learn something through this digital perspective upon my life, my thoughts, and my interactions between them.